Learn about the bay by getting in the bay! Start with an educational overview; then experience, explore, and learn about Barnegat Bay’s wetlands with an experienced naturalist. Dolphin, whale watching, mudflats and pelagic birding trips available. See, first-hand, the extensive biodiversity the marsh ecosystem has to offer. From nesting ospreys to giant bluntnose stingrays basking in the eelgrass beds. Three to four-hour family-orientated eco-tours to the Sedge Island section of Island Beach State Park and around the waters surrounding the vast Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge are offered. If birds are your passion then this is the trip for you because in 2019 Capt. Alex lead the team that won the World Series of Birding!  This is an invaluable experience that provides a better appreciation of our environment. You may even consider becoming a Barnegat Bay steward! 

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